The Illuminatus! Trilogy Wiki

Greetings, Citizens of Starship Earth! I hope you are all faring well.

You can call me Lodane. If you've been around the Illuminatus! wikia in the last four years, you've likely seen my name.
I have been concerned about the state of this Wikia (now Fandom) for quite a while. I was very disappointed to find it seriously underpopulated with people and pages, alike.

The most developed wikis that contain information about Illuminatus! are, sadly, filled with misinformation. I have personally fallen prey to some of this misinformation in my study of Shea & Wilson's work. This appears to be intentional (some could blame the mischievous nature of some Discordians).

This FANDOM page will attempt to conform to academic standards for wiki-style encyclopedias (especially regarding citations and sources).
The beloved 'wacky' formatting and editing style commonly found on Discordian webpages will not be used; We believe accessibility is more important (for people using translation software, readers for the blind, and other exceptional cases we cannot predict).  
We hope to make this a safe community and archive for us to explore the words and beliefs of Kerry Wendell Thornley, Gregory Hill, Robert Shea, and Robert Anton Wilson in an academic fashion!

Finally, the new staff will vet all administrators and editors very throughly. Speaking for myself, I look forward to working with each of you PERSONALLY.

Lodane Erisian