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The Illuminatus! Trilogy

The Eye In The Pyramid

Book One: Verwirrung

The First Trip, or Kether

The Second Trip, or Chokmah

The Third Trip, or Binah

Book Two: Zweitracht

The Fourth Trip, or Chessed

The Fifth Trip, or Geburah

The Golden Apple

Book Three: Unordnung

The Sixth Trip, or Tipareth

The Seventh Trip, or Netzach

Book Four: Beamtenherrschaft

The Eighth Trip, or Hod


Book Four: Beamtenherrschaft Continued

The Ninth Trip, or Yesod

Book Five: Grummet

The Tenth Trip, or Malkuth

The Appendices

Appendix Aleph: George Washington's Hemp Crop

Appendix Beth: The Illuminati Cyphers, Codes, and Calendars

Appendix Gimmel: The Illuminati Theory of History

Appendix Daleth: Hassan i Sabbah and Alamount Black

Appendix Tzaddi: 23 Skidoo

Appendix Vau: Flaxscrip and Hempscrip

Appendix Zain: Property and Priviledge

Appendix Cheth: Hagbard's Abdication

Appendix Lamed: The Tactics of Magick

Appendix Yod: Operation Mindfuck

Appendix Kaph: The Rosy Double-Cross

Appendix Teth: Hagbard's Booklet

Appendix Mem: Certain Questions That May Still Trouble Some

Appendix Nun: Additional Information About Some of the Characters