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Mad Dog, a fictional county and township, located in Texas is a pivotal location in the novel.

Mad Dog County


"I am Sheriff Jim Cartwright, nemesis of all evil in Mad Dog and Mad Dog County."

Mad Dog, TX

Presumably the county seat of Mad Dog County.  The town there Joseph Malik thought the assassins, responsible for all the important political deaths in recent history, had their headquarters.  The staff writer of Confrontation Magazine, George Dorn, was sent to investigate.

Unnamed Rundown Hotel

George Dorn's accommodations during his investigation.  Location of his subsequent arrest by Sheriff Jim.  

Mad Dog County Jail

George Dorn is held here after his arrest.  He's placed in a cell with Harry Coin, who in-turn attempts to rape him.  George is questioned by Sheriff Jim and later busted out by Mavis and other Discordians at Hagbard's request.

Mad Dog Cabal

A branch of the LDD, presumably.  Jim Cartwright claims to be an Episkopos of this cabal in his meeting with Tobias Knight and Miss Mao .