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A comic book adaptation of The Illuminatus! Trilogy was created in the late 1980s thru early 1990s. A total of five issues were made.

Pre-production began when Icarus met Robert Anton Wilson and got permission to pursue the venture.[1]

Issue (0): Published July 1987 by Eye-N-Apple Productions. Though no number sequence is indicated on this issue, it is frequently labeled "#1" when discussed or found for sale online -- however, the creator calls it Issue Zero. This original issue is considered a rough draft of the actual first issue, which came after. The adaptation of the script was by Icarus! and drawings by Eric D. Burza. Can be found online at Historia Discordia.[2]

Issue (1): Published January 1990 by Rip Off Press.[1] This remake of the original first issue is considered the actual first issue.[3] This issue covers the Purple Sage; the various linked events at the start (squirrel, Nkrumah Fubar, Sasaparilla Godzilla); the bombing of Confrontation and subsequent investigation of the Illuminati Project Memos; the international response to Fernando Poo; Dr. Charles Mocenigo's invention of Anthrax-Leprosy Mu; Hagbard and FUCKUP's intro; George Dorn's arrest by Sheriff Jim Cartwright and meeting Harry Coin; Simon Moon hooking up with Mary Lou Servix; Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy and three shots rang out from the grassy knoll; a preview of Walpurgisnacht; Sherri Brandi telling Carmel about Mocenigo; OOOO5's case assignment.

Issue "No. 2": Published 1990 by Rip Off Press.[1] [Summary Pending]

Issue "№ Three": Published January 1991 by Rip Off Press.[1] [Summary Pending]

Issue (4): Unpublished. Several ashcans [4] (and photocopies[1]) of the as yet unpublished Fourth Trip were distributed at comic book conventions in the Detroit and Chicago[4] areas between 1991 and 2006.

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