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The Erisian Liberation Front, or ELF, is a violent underground of guerilla theologians in the service of chaos. ELF guerillas deal daily with cosmic entities that would devour their souls if not for the protection of Eris -- and who sometimes do anyway. Their lives tend to be short but glorious. They eschew the studious understanding of the Paratheo-Anametamystikhood of Eris Esoteric in favor of bringing to bear as much raw divine power as they can against the forces of order.

The power of the ELF is derived from the invocation of various gods who are, in one way or another, associated with the forces of chaos. As the favor of Eris is with ELF members, these entities will often provide beneficial effects when invoked, rather than simply devouring their soul as they would normally.

Their effectiveness at invocation depends on a number of basic factors. Perhaps the most important is simple time: the more time has passed since an ELF member last invoked a being, the more amenable to his/her requests it will be. Invoking someone with great frequency is a good way to convince a supernatural power that the ELF's spiritual essence would make a tasty appetizer. Willpower and charisma are essential to the activity; being lucky will help, but is far from reliable.

ELF's pursues the activist promotion of an order that ultimately yields disorder and the preservation of unique natural conditions supporting individuality in human existence. They participate in a movement for the homo neophilus genre through contrarianism.