Eric the Red Blowhard. From Eric the Red, the Norse mariner, explorer and colonizer of Greenland circa 986, and Blowhard, an exceptionally boastful and talkative person. The infamous and mysterious head of BUGGER (Blowhard's [or Bad] Unreformed Gangsters, Goons, and Espionage Renegades). Blowhard could be a figment of Fission Chip s imagination, although it seems that BUGGER is an actual organization. If Blowhard is a real person, Eric the Red Blowhard might be a pseudonym or codename of Hagbard Celine. The name Eric Blowhard calls to mind the name Johann Beghard, the codename of Milo A. Flanagan. Celine claims to have Viking blood, named his submarine the Lief Eri(c)kson, and made his captain s control room a reproduction of the prow of a Viking ship (I195, E). He certainly is a blowhard, and does not hesitate to label himself critically, as among other things his use of the title S.H. indicates. Likewise, Hagbard would not hesitate to name an organization BUGGER, as (among other things) his naming his computer FUCKUP indicates.